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When we welcome a pet into our home, they become a part of our family. They bring lots of joy, laughter and of course love. If you are an animal’s trusted human, we want to make sure our fluffy, feathery or even scaly bundles are happy and content.  Spoiling our precious pets comes with the territory and if you’re like me, any shopping trip or excursion somewhere has me thinking ‘I must get a present for the cats!’

Whilst pets bring immense pleasure, their departure leaves a huge void. They have become a family member so grieving for them is a natural response. Having a memorial service for a pet is a wonderful way to give thanks for their love and an opportunity to celebrate their life.

A service can take place at your home and initially we will meet to start constructing a memorable service for your pet. This can include music, photographs, readings, poems, and of course stories about your pet’s life, adventures and pawsonality! Family members and friends can be involved too, sharing their memories and stories of your pet.

This really is a comforting way to say farewell to your beloved pet, allowing time for quiet reflection and a celebration of their life.