Voice acting

Shelley in the recording studio


Voice Actor

“I knew it was you…..I recognised your voice,” is something I often get told. For some, this may make them shudder but for me, well I’ve come to take this as a huge compliment.

My voice has been described as natural, likeable and positive. I’d say that this reflects me as a person too!

As a celebrant and teacher, I am accustomed to using my voice in a range of ways to convey a wide variety of messages. Plus, being expressive and creative is an invaluable skill when I am engaged in my other role as a voice actor.

My strengths are mastering the client’s brief, adaptability and the ability to tune into an audience. I have experience in advertising, explainers, e-Learning, and character work. The demos here will give your ears a little taster.

With my custom-built home studio complete with my precious Rode mic, and other bits of wonderful technical gadgetry I can offer you:

  • Professional sound quality 
  • Rapid turnaround
  • A friendly and skilled collaborator


So, if you need a voice get in touch and let’s discuss your project and requirements.

[email protected]

+44 (0) 7765 282 683

Samples of my work

Demo reel

Shelley Anderson-Tahiri

Honoured to have voiced this animation by FLOW Creative for the Mental Health Foundation

Shelley Anderson-Tahiri

Great to work with City & Guilds on this fantastic video.  

Shelley Anderson-Tahiri

Check out this informative animation created by Thread for Northern Gas Networks, that I voiced.

Shelley Anderson-Tahiri

Here are some lovely things people have said about me: